Household  Information

"First and Last name" refers to the person who's name will be on the policy's declaration page, usually the property's owner is that person. 

"Age, occupation and number of adults" are questions on which the answer might help you to reduce your insurance quote premium. 

Phone number is require so we can contact you in case we have a question  while we are preparing the insurance quote. Please be assure that we won't be contacting you unless is absolutely necessary and only for home insurance quote purposes.

Property Address

Definitely, the complete and full property address is require in order to prepare a home insurance quote.  
Dwelling Information

"Year Build"
The year when the property's construction  was finished.

"Square Feet" 
Refers to the square footage of the actual building (the house) not the total property's square footage (the land)

Usually the answer will be "owner occupy",  meaning that the owner is living in the property.  If the owner is not living or is not going to live in the property, please choose any other option that accommodates better to the situation. 

"Garage Type" 
Detach refers to a separate building that was build with the intention of being use as a garage.  a building that is being use as a garage but that was not build with the original intention to be a garage is not considered a detach garage.

"Attach Garage"
refers to a structure use to storage vehicles that is built next to the actual house and appears to be part of the entire structure as a single construction.

"Build-in Garage"
Refers to a garage that was built as part of the entire structure as a single construction.

Structure with no walls only roof  usually use to park vehicles under such roof.

Swimming Pool inground or up ground

"Kitchen Grade"
Standard, commonly used construction materials,  Economy, most affordable construction materials available. 
Luxury, usually the most expensive and of good quality materials.  Custom,  

"Full Baths"
Refers to a bath which includes a toilet, bath tub, shower and sink.

"Interior Walls"
Refers to the wall cover. Paint, Mirrors, Wood Panel, Paper etc..

"Construction Type"
Refers to walls and interior structure.  Most house are stucco on frame.

"Roof Type"
Material from which the roof is made of.   Most common material is asphalt shingle
"Roof's Age"
how old the roof is on the prospect property

"Number of Units"
How many separate houses are there in the property.

Room under street level.


"Cathedral Ceiling"
Ceiling with more that 10 feet high.

"Half Baths"
Bath that only have toilet and sink.

"Fire Place"
Self explanatory

Shaft trough which smoke from the fire place escapes.


The answer to the questions on the "discounts section"  will help in calculating a better and accurate insurance quote.
Usually having multiple policies with the same company (even if they are of different type like auto, life, home ) help to reduce premiums.  Also properties with central fire and/or burglar alarm systems will rate better as well as customers that are non-smokers.
Comments/Special Instructions

Please write down all information that you may feel necessary for us to have, specially if we did not ask you for it in the different section of the home quote questionnaires.

Any Comments, specially those to help us improve our service and/or website are welcome.

Lender's Information.

If you are making mortgage payments, most likely, the mortgage company  wants  to be on the policy as a "loss payee"  either if you are looking for a quote for your own property or for someone else ( because you are a real estate or escrow company) we will need all the Mortgage information, like Name. Address, Customer Service Phone Number, Loan Number, Etc.    Without the Mortgage Company Information we won't be able to issue proof of insurance.
Contact Information if different from...

If you are requesting quote insurance  on behalf other person, we need your information in case we need to contact you.
Remember, If you are an Escrow or Real Estate Company, we can quote, but we can't issue proof of insurance unless we receive by fax a formal "Request for Insurance" sheet from  your company.
Our Fax Number is (909) 874-5083