The proposed insure's age, amount other factors, will determinate the cost (premium) for the life insurance. In other words, The older you are the most likely you  are to die, therefore the older you are the expensive your life  insurance premium will be.

That is why  it is of most  importance for you or anybody to  get insure as soon as possible, for example:
if your are 25 year old today and get life insurance for $25.00  a month, your monthly premiums wont get up (expensive) as you get older, your insurance premiums will get locked at $25 .00 a month even if many years past.

Now, if you decided to wait until your 35 years old to get your life insurance, that might cost you double per month for the same coverage.

Your gender will also help to determinate the cost of your insurance premiums.  Males cost more to issue than females.

If you are an smoker, that will contribute to have more risk of dying sooner than a non-smoker.  Smoker cost way more to insure than non-smokers.

Amount of money that you want to be pay to your beneficiary.  The more coverage you want the more the cost of insurance will be.

Type of Policy
They are many types of life policies, all of them pay a benefit to the  beneficiary when the insured past away, the differences are on the living benefits to the insured.

A term life insurance, is the most affordable in terms of  monthly premiums, you pay your monthly premium for the term of the insurance policy, which could be for 5,10,20,30 years, periods on which you don't have any other benefit but the dead benefit pay to your beneficiary.  And after that period of time have past the policy terminates and if the insure is still alive will not have no living benefits.

A Whole Life Insurance policy, does not terminate after no period of time it will go on for as long as the insured lives or when the insured attaint the age of 100 years old.  If the insured past away before attaining 100 years old, the policy will pay the death benefit to his/her beneficiary, but if he gets to live 100 years old the policy will pay the insure a living benefit for the amount of the coverage (death benefit).  Other living benefit to the Whole Life Insurance is that it will accumulate a cash value, meaning that if after a period of time (usually many years) the insured decides that he does not need or want the policy any more and cash out (cancels the policy) he will received all the money in the cash value account that is been accumulating since he first purchase the whole life insurance policy. 

A Universal Life Insurance works the same as the whole life insurance, but it have more benefits like monthly premium waiver, reducing of coverage, reducing of premium, etc. all within the same policy without the need to have to re-rate the insured.

these types of  life insurance cost more than the term life insurance.

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